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Frequently Asked Questions

Cable TV:
  • Give us a call at 360-716-8000. Upgrade fees may apply.
  • PPV is only compatible on the following boxes: DCX3510, DCX3400, DCX3200. Call us to verify PPV is enabled on your account.
  • You must have a compatible box and have PPV enabled on your account to purchase PPV showings. Navigate to the desired program in the program guide. Hit the OK button on the remote. A prompt will pop up saying the price. Move to the BUY icon. Hit OK. A prompt will pop up to confirm. Again, move to BUY icon and hit OK to purchase. If you wish to cancel this PPV, select the cancel icon and OK to cancel, this will cancel your selection. Compatible boxes are CX3510,DCX3400,DCX3200. It is best to call and verify that PPV is enabled on your account before attempting to order PPV for the first time.
  • Bring it to our office with a note of your name and account number.
  • Yes, call us at 360-716-8000 to set-up Advertising.
High-Speed Internet:
  • Call 1-866-549-1806 and the support rep will be able to assist with adding an email address.
  • Yes you will be able to use Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Yes, multiple users can be connected with our current modem. If you have an older modem, a router would need to be purchased, or you can come in and swap out your current modem for a gateway.
  • Third party solutions are available.
  • Give us a call at 360-716-8000. Upgrade fees may apply.
  • Your bill may be higher for one of these reasons. 1.) If this is your first bill, it may contain installation charges as well as pro-rated charges. 2.) You may have missed a payment 3.) Your service may have been upgraded or extra services added recently.
  • Call us at 360-716-8000 or email us at to let us know your moving.
  • We accept credit cards, checks and exact cash in our office.
  • Call us at 360-716-8000 and choose billing.
  • Yes, we take credit cards, check, and cash at our office.
  • 2601 88th ST NE, Tulalip WA 98271
  • We have after hours support 24/7 when calling 360-716-8000.
  • Email passwords can be changed through the webmail tool at or calling the support number at 1-866-549-1806.

    Wifi passwords can be changed by logging into the gateway and setting the password, or if you are paying for the WiFi package we can change it over the phone for you.