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Local calling

If you make most of your calls in the neighborhood or across town. Salish has you covered in our Voice 30 plan.

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Nationwide calls

Do you have friends or family who live out of town or out of state whom you talk to most? If yes, then we have a perfect plan for you.

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  • Free up your phone lines by automatically rejecting all contact by calls from lines that hide their phone number.

  • 3-Way Calling/Call Transfer

  • Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting

  • Keep meetings and projects running smoothly by allowing subscribers to temporarily block incoming calls for their phone lines.

  • Call Forwarding

  • Selective Call Acceptance

  • Caller ID

  • Get time back for work by automatically rejecting calls from numbers you specify.

  • Caller ID Block

  • Speed Calling

Premium add-on features

  • Voice Mail